Finder Technologies Australia Pty Ltd

Your IT Solution and Optimization Partner

We are the technology partner of Monico Technologies limited providing IT solutions since 2021. We provide system integration and specialise in CRM, ERP, SaaS and IoT based services. Whether you need more robust staff or prefer outsourcing, we assist you every step of the way.

We Help You Solve Your Technological Problems

We offer you the most experienced developers, designers and IT people to meet your needs. Whether for short- or long-term missions, our experts guarantee support and advice tailored to your mission.

Tailor Made Expertise
Goal Achievement

What We Offer

Technical expertise

The consultant with the best technical skills will guide you through all your business issues.

Operational support

The best team and the best technological axes to develop your 100% turnkey solution.

Technical and digital innovations

A support for implementing your digitization project from the diagnosis phase to the final follow-ups.

Need more clarification?

We’re a highly skilled group of engineers and consultants situated in Northmead, NSW Australia. We are capable of effectively responding to today’s business and technological problems.